Pierre Olier


Pierre Olier Nicolas Edouard Olier Marquis de Nointel Catherine de Malon Genevieve Genoud Isaac D'Olier I


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Nicolas Edouard Olier Marquis de Nointel 1611  Catherine de Malon

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Genevieve Genoud  Isaac D'Olier I







NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Genevieve GenoudWife
Brothers & Sisters
Charles Francois Olier Marquis de NointelBrother16391685
Isaac D'Olier ISon1667Montauban, France1744Dublin, Ireland
Catherine de MalonMother
Nicolas Edouard Olier Marquis de NointelFather16111683
Abraham D'OlierGrandson1735Dublin, Irealnd
Jane D'OlierGranddaughterDublin, IrelandDublin, Ireland
Joanna D'OlierGranddaughterDublin, IrelandDublin, Ireland
Isaac D'Olier IIGrandson1707Dublin, Ireland1779Dublin, Ireland
Great grandchildren
Jane D'OlierGreat granddaughter
Isaac D'Olier IIIGreat grandson1734Dublin, Ireland1790Dublin, Ireland
Richard D'OlierGreat grandson17371816
Jeremiah D'OlierGreat grandson1747Dublin, Ireland1817Dublin, Ireland
Second grandchildren
Anna Maria D'OlierSecond granddaughter1856
Joseph D'OlierSecond grandson1843
Julia Sophia D'OlierSecond granddaughter
Martha D'OlierSecond granddaughter1851
Sophia D'OlierSecond granddaughter1858
Frederick D'OlierSecond grandson1769
Robert D'OlierSecond grandson17711802
Isaac D'Olier IV (MA LLD)Second grandson17721841
Isaac Matthew D'Olier ISecond grandson1775Dublin, Ireland1835Dublin, Ireland
Edmund Legh D'OlierSecond grandson1780Dublin, Ireland1853Dublin, Ireland
Theophilus D'OlierSecond grandson1784Dublin, Ireland1809Bridgetown, Barbados
Cecelia D'OlierSecond granddaughter1793
Third grandchildren
Jemima Jane D'OlierThird granddaughter1837
Mary Olivia D'OlierThird granddaughter1868
Theodosia D'OlierThird granddaughter1860
Richard Henry D'Olier IThird grandson1797Dublin, Ireland1839Dublin, Ireland
Anna Maria D'OlierThird granddaughter18001870
Nicholas Ogle D'OlierThird grandson18091835
Henry Brooke Blachford D'OlierThird grandson18101831
Isaac Matthew D'Olier IIThird grandson18111890
Elinor D'OlierThird granddaughter18151883
John Rutherford D'OlierThird grandson18161899
Sarah Rosanna D'OlierThird granddaughter1819
Edmund D'OlierThird grandson18201887
Fourth grandchildren
Charlotte Theodosia D'OlierFourth granddaughter
Elisabeth D'OlierFourth granddaughter1917
George Ogle D'OlierFourth grandson
Helen Campbell D'OlierFourth granddaughter
Elisabeth Maria D'OlierFourth granddaughter18241865
Isaac Arthur D'OlierFourth grandson1825Dublin, Ireland1871Whitechapel, England
Maria Henrietta D'OlierFourth granddaughter18281878
Richard Henry D'Olier IIFourth grandson18321858
Henry Brooke D'OlierFourth grandson18351864
Isaac Matthew D'Olier IIIFourth grandson18501913
Edmund Guy D'OlierFourth grandson18571935
Violet D'OlierFourth granddaughter18651917
Theodora Alice D'OlierFourth granddaughter1866
Isaac Bertram D'OlierFourth grandson18691948
Cathcart D'OlierFourth grandson1959
Fifth grandchildren
Brian Valentine D'OlierFifth grandson
Clough Hope D'OlierFifth granddaughter
Georgina HallFifth granddaughter
Iris ThringFifth granddaughter
Mary Mathes D'OlierFifth granddaughter
Maureen ThringFifth granddaughter
Richard Henry D'Olier IIIFifth grandson18511918
John George Ogle D'OlierFifth grandson1855
Charlotte Elisabeth D'OlierFifth granddaughter18561878
Isaac James D'OlierFifth grandson18571944
Elisabeth Ellen Bromley D'OlierFifth granddaughter18591945
Mary Frances D'OlierFifth granddaughter18601935
Richard Henry D'Olier IVFifth grandson1862Whitechapel, England1941Norbury, UK
Sylvia D'OlierFifth granddaughter1892
Florence D'OlierFifth granddaughter18951959
Edmund William D'OlierFifth grandson18971958
Lorna D'OlierFifth granddaughter1897
Bertrand Guy D'OlierFifth grandson190217/08/1928Digby, United Kingdom
Richard Bertram D'OlierFifth grandson19031919
Monica ThringFifth granddaughter1906
6th grandchildren
Guy William D'Olier6th grandson
Ethel Lucile D'Olier6th granddaughter18801907
Georgina Kathleen D'Olier6th granddaughter18831964
Marie Louise D'Olier6th granddaughter1885
Richard Henry D'Olier V6th grandson18981970
Edmund Eric D'Olier6th grandson19111923
Edmund Michael Campbell D'Olier6th grandson19281943
Alice D'Olier6th granddaughter1935
John Edmund D'Olier6th grandson26/7/195026/7/2010
7th grandchildren
Anne-Marie Kathleen D'Olier7th granddaughter
Colm Rudolph D'Olier7th grandson
Ethel D'Olier Trimby7th grandson1913
Walter William Trimby7th grandson14/08/191429/04/1999Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Janet D'Olier7th granddaughter193305/2012
Brian D'Olier7th grandson05/11/1936Norbury, England
Vincent D'Olier7th grandson26/11/1939
Sharon D'Olier7th granddaughter19601975
Joyce KeeneGranddaughter-in-law1708Dublin, Ireland1780Dublin, Ireland

World History

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